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CJ van Zyl

CJ van Zyl ProfileDiploma in First line managementOn site witness testing (SABS)

Management Systems Specialist and Auditor:

Quality Management Systems Advisor and Quality Assurance as well as Internal & External Quality Systems Auditor (ISO 9001:2008) and various SANS Specifications. The Development of Quality Management Systems, Site Management Systems as well as internal and External Audits and Project Gap Assessments.

Field of Work:

The following is part of my auditing portfolio as a registered auditor at SABS Building materials industry, such as cement, clay and concrete masonry units, clay and concrete paving blocks, metal roofing tiles and concrete roofing tiles; Quarrying and crushing of stone for use in road surfacing and concrete industry; Quarrying of coarse and fine sand for the use in concrete and the building industry; Mining operations in ironing ore as well as limestone for export purposes as well as the use in domestic industries; The mining of Fluorspar (Calcium Fluorite) for export purposes as well as the use in domestic industries; Concrete related industries such as pre-cast concrete, dry concrete, pre-stressed concrete and wet-cast concrete product manufacturing and testing and paving; Professional services in engineering, infrastructure development and management (Consulting Engineers) management system consultation and development as well as auditing of projects and systems; and Construction site, project management gap assessments.

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