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One of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric and pneumatic vibrators, Italy’s OLI, has become a non-producer member of the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA).  Based in Jet Park, Gauteng, OLI South Africa has maintained a presence in the Republic since 2008, supplying vibration and other equipment to well over 20 African countries.

OLI’s product offering includes an extensive range of high-frequency electric vibrating motors (MVE-HF), high-frequency internal vibrators with built-in converters (EWO), pneumatic and motorised immersion vibrators (VH and VHA), multiple socket systems (MSP-4), and fastening systems (CL and CR), It also supplies flow aids, oscillating mounts, and internal high-frequency vibrators, among other equipment, to the precast concrete industry.

OLI South Africa precast concrete vibrators

OLI’s Sales Executive for the Concrete Consolidation Division, Daniel Lambie says the company is committed to building rewarding relationships with its client base.

“We are the international leader in industrial vibration technology. The robust design of OLI vibrators and flow aids ensures exceptional reliability and durability, and we are dedicated to limiting maintenance downtime by providing rapid delivery and timely service back-up anywhere on the continent.”

OLI South Africa concrete vibrators.

OLI Electric vibrating motors can generate centrifugal forces up to 26,000kg and are available in multiple voltages. For this reason, OLI industrial vibrators are used in numerous industrial sectors. Besides the construction industry, it also supplies the mining & food, and recycling industries amongst others, internationally.

“Our electric vibrating motors are designed and assembled using the latest technology, top quality materials, and components. Our motor casings, support flanges, and shafts are designed according to FMEA criteria and are assembled using high-end aluminium, cast iron, and steel alloys. This allows our vibrators to withstand high-intensity applications and guarantees safe operation.

OLI vibration technology

“Our windings are impregnated with Class F insulating materials to improve reliability and durability. Premium quality bearings and an efficient grease retaining system ensure long-lasting performance. Adjustable eccentric masses allow easy calibration of the required centrifugal force needed for the application,” says Daniel Lambie.

Since it was founded in 1961, OLI’s combination of innovation, performance, and reliability has enabled it to expand its product offering. Moreover, during that time OLI has acquired several related businesses. The ensuing international subsidiary network spans all five continents, giving the company extensive global reach.


OLI South Africa is a proud CMA non producer member. Click the logo below to view the OLI South Africa website.

OLI South Africa concrete vibration technology


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