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Precast Concrete Roof Tile information

Concrete roof tile definition:
Precast Concrete Roof Tiles:
(as described by the South African National Standard)
Interlocking tile - SANS 542
Profiled or flat tile which has a side lock with or without a head lock feature.
Non-Interlocking tile - SANS 542
Generally flat, cross cambered or longitudinally (or both) cambered tile, which is usually rectangular in shape, with or without a featured front edge.


Information items for precast concrete roof tiles:

Precast concrete Roof Tile advantages

Successful Project deliverance is a concern that will always be on the mind of Architect, Engineer, Specifier and Contractor alike.  Precast Concrete as a preferred building material has stood its reputation proud for many years.  The International Building Industry shows a remarkable preference toward this method of concrete unit delivery to site for various reasons, but consistency in quality can be single out as a primary reason. Limit your concerns and liability by keeping the following in mind when deciding on roof design and roof covering.  Concrete Roof Tiles features the following advantages:

  • Innovation
  • Long-term performance
  • Aesthetically diverse
  • Colour retention
  • Can endure adverse weather conditions and fire
  • Economical
  • Limited maintenance required
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12 September 2019


Colour variations in: CMU, CBP and Concrete roof tiles.

The understanding of colour, hues and reflection of light is complex and a field of specialised study. This brochure takes a brief look at colour and colour variance in terms of:

  • The South African National Standard
  • Factors influencing colour
  • Realistic expectations
  • Avoiding disappointment
  • Recommendations

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23 September 2021


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