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Precast Concrete Floor Slabs information

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Precast concrete Floor Slabs:
The precast slab is a precast reinforced concrete floor plate, forming the lower part of a floor and providing all or part of the underlying reinforcement of the floor. The dimensioning of the rebars is optimised for each construction site
Beam and Block Slab - SANS 1879
Plank and Block rib and block rectangular shaped precast concrete reinforced or prestressed beam supporting a rebated filler block placed between two beams.
Hollow Core Slab - SANS 1879
Reinforced or prestressed precast concrete slab containing cores.


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Precast Concrete Floor Slabs - Rib and Block Advantages

Precast concrete Rib and Block Floor Slabs have numerous advantages that reduce costs, project deliverance and much more! Click here to read more

29 October 2019


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