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CMA Membership Criteria

Membership Categories

There are five membership categories: producer; non producer; associate; contractor; and cement producers. For CMA membership purposes, precast concrete is defined as a concrete product cast in a re-usable mould or form, cured in a controlled environment, transported to site and lifted into position.  Membership is open to any precast concrete manufacturer, provided certain quality-based criteria are met. 

Membership Benefits

  • Being part of an association brand which is widely recognised and respected for setting and maintaining best-practice standards
  • Access to industry-specific statistical information
  • Posting CMA logo on company stationery, website, packaging and products
  • Participation in the prestigious Awards for Excellence competition
  • Listing on the CMA website
  • Inclusion on the CMA mailing list
  • A membership certificate
  • Membership discounts on seminars and educational courses
  • Participation in setting national standards for the industry
  • Access to best-product design and manufacturing processes
  • Opportunities to feature innovative precast concrete projects in the CMA’s magazine, Precast
  • Client referrals
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participation in and product displays at exhibitions.
  • Inclusion in the CMA Social Media Marketing Network.  Outsourced this can cost in excess of R 14,000.00 / month.  This focused and exclusive Social Media Marketing opportunity is included in your CMA membership - super value for money - a "no-brainer"!! 

CMA Membership Fees

A uniform system of applying fees common to all members has been devised in order to eliminate confusion. Fees are based on whether companies fit into one or both building and infrastructure pillars and whether they have one or more manufacturing outlets. If a manufacturer’s products fall within one pillar then the fee is based on one pillar only. If the product range spans both pillars then a supplementary amount is charged. Supplementary fees are also charged for every additional manufacturing outlet.

Producer Members:

Producer Membership Fees for 2021 are structured as follow:

R1 800 per pillar per month excluding VAT plus R1 400 per additional manufacturing outlet per month excluding VAT. All paid-up members have voting rights. 

Example 1:  Suppose a roof tile manufacturer produces from one factory, the fee payable would be R1 800 per month plus VAT and the company would be classified as a Precast Building member. 
Example 2:  The fee for a paving-block manufacturer operating from two locations would be R3 200 per month plus VAT, and it would be classified as a Precast Infrastructure member. (R1 800 for the pillar and R1 400 for the additional outlet). 
Example 3:   The fee for a business manufacturing lintels and pipes from one location would be R3 600.00 per month plus VAT, and the company would be classified as both a Precast Building and Precast Infrastructure member. 

Example 4:  Where both roof tiles and paving are manufactured from three locations, the fee payable would be R6 400 per month plus VAT, and the company would be both Precast Building and Precast Infrastructure member. (R1 800 X 2 for both pillars and R1 400 X 2 for the two additional outlets)

Membership is granted on the basis of the following:

  • A quality assurance system is in place
  • Production takes place in a purpose-built manufacturing facility
  • Occupational, health and safety (OHS) procedures are in use
  • Technical and engineering competence
  • Financial stability
  • Environmental compliance.

Non-Producer Members:

Non-Producer Members are those organisations which produce, machinery, moulds, vehicles, technology, admixtures, additives, chemicals, etc. Fees payable for Non-Producer Members for 2021 are R7 800 per annum plus VAT. Non-Producer Members are entitled to participate and attend all CMA functions and meetings but do not have voting rights. These members are also entitled to make use of the CMA's Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Associate Members: 
Any professionals such as engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and associations, institutes, federations and government bodies within the building and civil engineering sector are eligible for an associate membership. Fees payable by Associate Members for 2021 are R2 800.00 per annum plus VAT. Associate Members are entitled to participate and attend all CMA functions and meetings but do not have voting rights. 

Contractor Members: Contractors are in the business of installing and/or constructing precast concrete units manufactured by producer members or on behalf of producer members are eligible for membership of the association. Fees payable by contractor members for 2021 are R5 600.00 per annum plus VAT. Contractor Members are entitled to participate and attend all CMA functions and meetings but do not have voting rights. 

Cement Producer Members: Cement producers, blenders, importers, distributors qualify for membership of the Association. Fees are payable either monthly and/or by sponsorship or grant as agreed. Cement Producer Members are entitled to participate and attend all CMA functions and meetings but do not have voting rights.

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