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CMA Certification Services

CMA Certification Services (Pty) Ltd is a Product Certification company that provides a platform to the concrete manufacturing industry for certification of precast concrete products in compliance with National, International and private standards as specified by the clients. CMA Certification Services provides Accredited South African Certification services which will enable our clients to compete in the Precast Concrete market and peace of mind to their clients in the use of their certified products.

The CMA Certification Services (PTY) Ltd was registered on 10 March 2016 with registration number 2016/103170/07 and the intention to be an independent SANAS Accredited facility and fully impartial to the Concrete Manufacturers Association NPC.

The CMA Certification Services’ prime focus is on ensuring that precast concrete products are manufactured under strict controls and utilized correctly. The CMA Mark serves as proof of a quality product and regular assessment of mark holder’s processes to ensure compliance with standards. The CMA Certification Services will do investigations should a problem related to a product which has been certified by the CMA Certification Services arise, and take the necessary actions.


Range of Certifiable Specifications


Concrete retaining blocks  SANS 508:2012 
Precast reinforced concrete culverts SANS 986:2012
Precast concrete kerbs, edgings and channels SANS 927:2013 
Manhole covers, frames, polymer concrete
SANS 1882:2003
Precast concrete manhole sections and components
SANS 1294:2012
Concrete masonry units
SANS 1215:2008
Paving blocks, bricks, pavers SANS 1058:2012 (2015)
Concrete non-pressure pipes
SANS 677:2010
Reinforced concrete pressure pipes
SANS 676:2010
Pre-stressed concrete pipes SANS 975:2010
Concrete poles for telephone, power and lighting purposes                                                             
SANS 470:2012
Precast wall, fences
SANS 1372:2010
Pre-stressed concrete lintels SANS 1504 ED2:2015
Concrete roofing tiles
SANS 542:2012
Precast concrete suspended slabs
SANS 1879:2013
Precast concrete paving slabs
SANS 541:2012


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