Sunday, April 20, 2014

About CMA

Background to Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA) (content)

The CMA was established in 1972.

It comprises the national co-ordinating body of manufacturers of precast concrete masonry, concrete block paving, concrete roof tiles, concrete retaining blocks, precast floor slabs and concrete pipes and culverts.

Producers and suppliers of materials and equipment used by its members support the CMA.

It is responsible for representing the concrete masonry, paving, roof tile, retaining block, floor slab and pipe industries in all matters relating to the manufacture and use of its members's products.

Aims & Objectives

The Associations main aim is to promote the increased and most effective use of segmental block paving, concrete roof tiles, concrete retaining blocks, floor slabs, concrete masonry and concrete pipes by architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and end users in a professional manner for the benefit of all.

The correct use of the products from a design and application point of view is critical to the performance, and the Association has produced manuals and brochures to help achieve this.

To further achieve this aim the CMA offers:

  • An advisory service 
  • Technical lectures and symposia
  • Education and training courses 
  • Promotions 
  • Publications 
  • Research feedback


The CMA is concerned with quality. Producer members must comply with one of the following:

Hold the SABS mark

Alternatively, they should manufacture products in accordance with rules laid down by the CMA.

The relevant SABS specifications are:
SANS 542 Concrete roof tiles
SANS 1058 Concrete paving blocks
SANS 1215 Concrete masonry units
SANS 676 Concrete pipes – reinforced
SANS 677 Concrete pipes – non-pressure
SANS 975 Concrete pipes – pre-stressed
SANS 986 Concrete culverts – reinforced
SANS 1879 Precast concrete suspended slabs